Adjustable Raised Pet Feeder - Dogs or Cats w/ Silicone Mat & 4 Stainless Steel Bowls

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  • NO MORE TUMMY ACHES FOR YOUR PET: Did you know that a raised feeder helps prevent indigestion and stomach discomfort, saving your pet from a multitude of problems (and yourself from expensive visits to the vet)? Recommended by vets and pet care professionals, this elevated dog and cat feeding station will reduce strain on your pet’s joints, neck, hips and shoulders and promote a better posture!
  • PREVENT MOLD & BACTERIA: Tired of cleaning splashed water and mold stains around your furry friend’s food and water bowls? Not anymore! Thanks to the removable, water-resistant, BPA-free silicone mat that covers the top surface of the feeder, you can rest assured, your elegant, 100% natural, MDF-free bamboo pet tray stand will stay perfectly clean and hygienic at all times, without fear of pesky mold growing into the wood structure!
  • INCREASE THE HEIGHT AS YOUR PET GROWS: Unlike most other similar pet feeders on the market, the PandPal raised dog feeder allows you to adjust the height according to your pet’s needs, making it an excellent solution for puppies and medium to large size and/or senior dogs. With 3 different height levels (at 4", 7" and 10" from the ground), this deluxe, bamboo pet feeder will make sure you never need to buy another feeder again!
  • GET 4 LARGE BOWLS WITH YOUR FEEDER: Why spend extra money buying bowls separately when you can get the feeder AND four, extra durable, stainless steel bowls all in one, at a really attractive price? Save money and precious time, as the bowls are super easy to clean and hang dry in just minutes! Plus, now you can have two to use and the other two ready for later. Bowl size: 6 cups per bowl (12 cups in total).
  • LIFT AND REPOSITION THE FEEDER WITH EASE: Boasting a highly portable design with two, built in handles on the sides, this dog and cat raised feeder is easy to move and reposition at any time! Simply adjust the four screws and move the feeder to your preferred location in a whiz! Well-built and sturdy, this feeding station is a must-have for any dog or cat parent! So what are you waiting for? Order yours today and keep your precious, four-legged pals happy!